embracing the power of light and sound


In a world where public spaces are saturated with advertisements and commercial messages, LiCHTPiRATEN’s light art emerges as a refreshing departure. It disrupts the norm, beckoning individuals to pause, marvel, and connect with their environment and themself. 

TRANSFORMING SPACES We bring art to the streets, weaving an enchanting tapestry of light and sound through the fusion of generative content within projection mapping. Every piece of our audiovisual content is meticulously crafted with a genuine passion for creativity.



LiCHTPiRATEN clinched the 2022 Art Prize in the time-based live performance category. In this video, curator discusses the audio-visual live performance FUSION, its unique approach to combining science, technology, and art, and its importance as a call to action for the future of energy.


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Messe Leipzig Entryhall audio visual ambisonic installation


LiCHTPiRATEN sheds new light on the possibilities of artistic expression and leaves a powerful mark in the urban landscape.

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Whether you’re an independent underground artist or a blockbuster production, tap into our extensive network for unparalleled support and collaboration. We welcome all creative endeavors with open arms, bridging connections that transcend boundaries and elevate your artistic journey. Join us in harnessing the power of our network to amplify your impact and reach new heights.

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About us

Visual Art and Sound

Our journey began in 2006 amidst Berlin’s underground club and festival scene. Fueled by passion, we’ve represented Berlin worldwide, working with Visit Berlin and BeBerlin. We’ve cultivated a global network of collaborators who share our commitment to innovation and audio visual interaction. Today, we continue to push the boundaries of light art, sound crafting transformative experiences that captivate audiences across the globe. Join us in crafting creativity, experimenting with visuals and sound in immersive spaces.

cc2.live is a Unique Art Brand and AV Production Hube, the Creative Roots and Foundation of LiCHTPiRATEN. Merged as a art brand and a dedicated production hub for audio-visual content, spatial environment, ambisontic sounds and interactive research.