We continue to explore the uncharted territories of live audio-visual experimentation, illuminating new paths and inspiring the world with our artistic vision. Our expertise extends across a diverse range of artistic fields, from crafting mesmerizing Waterscreens to shaping cinematic set designs for movie productions and infusing vibrant energy into parties with our captivating projections. At LiCHTPiRATEN, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creative expression and delivering unforgettable experiences in every artistic endeavor we undertake.

set design, water-screens, guerilla


Explore avant-garde marketing strategies and instruments designed to captivate audiences beyond conventional channels, using unconventional approaches to spark significant attention and encourage word-of-mouth. Mobile projections transcend the realm of traditional advertising, becoming oversized digital canvases outdoor. By leveraging our expertise in optics and environmental conditions, we meticulously optimize the ideal balance between technical adjustments and content precision.

Our flexible approach allows us to tailor each concept to specific needs, ensuring scalability that aligns seamlessly with diverse ideas, budgets, and project requirements.